Walking Fatality Wiki

My goal for the Fatality Universe is to simple. I have ideas and stories on the Halo Universe that I would like to share. Some of these ideas I would like to see in the Halo cannon, some of these ideas are just fillers, and some of these ideas are essential to the lot of the Fatality Universe.

The Fatality Universe will highlight the unique experience of individuals in the fan-fiction. It will also follow the story of the UNSC as they try to achieve peace and stability in the galaxy. Of course, to do so, many sacrifices will have to be made and impossible choices will be decided. Some of the greatest threats the UNSC has ever encountered will rise in the ensuing years of the Fatality Universe.

The fan-fiction will begin in 2552 after the Human-Covenant and end in the 2570s. The Fatality Universe is only the stepping stone for the preceeding sagas. The Fatality Universe will be divided up into five Eras: Post-War, Reclamation, Rebirth, Human-Confederacy War, and the Second Flood Outbreak. Each Era is about five-seven years long and details different struggles the UNSC has to face, one enemy after the other.

For the first era, the UNSC has to destroy the remnants of the Covenant. The Jiralhanae have become an ever growing threat to the galaxy. The second era is the UNSC and Sangheili struggle with internal civil wars and acknowledgement. This is the first step into becoming a unified empire. The third era, Rebirth, will be the establishment of these individual-unified empires. The fourth era is the ultimate clash of the UNSC and Sangheili empires. Whoever wins this war will be givin dominance in the galaxy. The fifth and last era is when the UNSC are truly put to the test. The Flood are unleashed unto the galaxy and if the UNSC fails to contain the Flood, they loose everything.

The most joy I gain in writing these stories is the thrill of working my brain to its maximum potential. I have come up with a complex plot for the Fatality Universe. Even better, I have expanded my capabilities and added side stories and other detailed perspectives of the plot. The background stories also make for an interesting fanon. Another thrill I gain is imagery. With the use of many images and pictures and artwork, I am able to better perceive the content I write. It puts a face on the characters and an image for the setting.