Walking Fatality Wiki

I often find myself working too hard on this Wiki. It takes a lot of work, that is something I fully understand by this point. In my previous Wikis, I had eventually quit because they were too weak and simple. I also quit because the work needed for that Wiki was too much and I abandoned the project. I have seen other Wikis like mine which probably last a month before someone quits or gets tired.

Humans can be quitters! Walking Fatality Wiki is going to be the home for my non-cannon story (designated Fatality Universe). Seeing as far as I've gotten on this Wiki, quitting is not an option. I have created [and borrowed] comprehensive Templates! I have constructed almost 200 different Articles, all straight from the creativity! I have nearly perfected my Main Page! Now it has become an issue of stopping.

Do I say, "Limits! I need Limits!"


Do I say, "Limits? I have none!"