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Installation 01, also referred to as Beta Halo, is one of the seven super weapons designed by the Forerunners to eliminate all organic life in the galaxy, thus starving the Flood. The ring's landscape is comprised of large deserts and methane springs in some of the more isolated environments of the installation. The architecture of the structures on Installation 01 utilize more geometric angles and spire technologies as seen also on Peredizt, a still-operational miner world.


The Forerunners created Installation 01 along with six other weaponized ringworlds at the Ark approximately 100,000 years ago as a last resort to defeat the Flood by eliminating their food source. In the last months of the Forerunner-Flood War, the Gravemind and the traitorous Mendicant Bias have broken through the Maginot Line and backed the Forerunners into a corner. The Didact, the greatest of their military leaders, scattered the Halos across the galaxy and reluctantly activated the rings. 

01 Sedulous Keeper, the Monitor of Installation 01, spent the first couple thousand years performing experiments on the Flood. It wasn't until after the first five thousand years that he began to grow worried about whether the plan to restore life after the great purification had succeeded. His experiments on the Flood became progressively cruel and reckless. In one of his more "exciting" experiments, he wanted to know firsthand how the Flood behaved in an outbreak scenario. He intentionally released the parasite into the wild and measured it's rate of expansion, the source that guides the infection to its target, and its interaction with different environments. Once enough data had been gathered, he exposed his ring's surface to the vacuum of space and properly exposed of all signs of the infection. Although his actions defied protocol, he argued that so long as the outbreak could be controlled, then there was no problem bending the rules all for the sake of science.

These more radical experiments had left the surface of Beta Halo in tatters, and what remained were deserts and mountain ranges. Having previously served the miners, 01 Sedulous Keeper built new structures that used the more exotic-angular designs of the miner rate. The mausoleum was his largest and most grandeur multi-complex. It possessed a room hidden deep inside the structure called the Hall of Monuments which stored several novelties and artifacts from the time of the Forerunners.

On November 3rd, 2552, a signal was sent out from Installation 05 putting the entire array in standby mode, ready to fire from the Ark. The Master Chief managed to deactivate the array at Installation 00.