Walking Fatality Wiki
  • Spring of 2550: the Fleet of Particular Justice recover Pran 'Mozamee from the glassed human world, Actium. The Hierarchs re-establish 'Mozamee's title as Arbiter and assign him to a Jiralhanae-dominant naval fleet.
  • November 23, 2550: the Official Secrets Act of 2550 is passed, protecting classified information in the UNSC.
  • November 23, 2550: the Naval Discipline Act of 2550 is passed, allowing the UEG to sentence the death penalty to officers and enlisted personnel for the crime of espionage and sabotage for the enemy.
  • December 2550: the Covenant invade Dodd in the Beta Aurigae System and Arbiter Pran 'Mozamee uncovers an ancient Forerunner communications array still broadcasting a hidden message to Themistocles, a human world in their Inner Colonies.
  • 2550: the Covenant glass Dwarka and brand the planet with symbols that mean devotion and jubilation.
  • 2550: BXR Mining Corporation begins establishing mining facilities on glassed worlds like Jericho VII and Salvos for the purpose of mining the silicate glass created when the Covenant glass worlds.
  • 2550: the CAA Factbook on the colonies continues to be updated and accommodates for the colonies which have been glassed or abandoned.