Walking Fatality Wiki
  • May 21, 2547: ONI Section III publicly unveils the Spartan-II Program in order to boost morale during the war.
  • September 4, 2547: the UNSC frigate Tripping Light is dry-docked for repairs. Dr. Catherine Halsey uses the ship's Slipspace drive in an experiment to build an AI housing fractal within Slipspace. While the test is a failure, it is a breakthrough in allowing the AI to live immortal in Slipstream Space without the need to rely on human brains for constant creation of AI.
  • 2547: the Covenant glass Skopje and freighter engineer Wallace Wu is evacuated to Reach in the hopes that his skills can be put to use for the war effort; however, he'll instead become a member of the Triumvirate gang.
  • 2547: the Covenant glass Verent.