Walking Fatality Wiki
  • March 3, 2546: the Covenant invade Sargasso. The local government sets off a chain of nuclear weapons buried underneath one of their cities, and the combined firepower is enough to tear a massive crater that can seen from orbit. The eruption disables several in-atmosphere cruisers and clear the way for civilians such as Peter Driscoll to evacuate.
  • May 2546: the 330 candidates selected for Gamma Company are brought to Onyx to begin their training as Spartan-IIIs. Peter Driscoll is a last minute addition chosen for his incredible intellect and high IQ scores.
  • August 2546: upon learning of the planet's degenerating state, Eric Staffer offers aid and alliance with the local government of Amethyst. He coins the term "new colonial alliance" and adopts it as the official name for this growing alliance.
  • 2546: Verda Gonzalez quits her work as a zero gravity construction worker and becomes a fetcher for Warner & Ives.
  • 2546: Verda Gonzalez is assigned with Oliver Birch to retrieve the prototype antimatter drive located in the Mayflower Sciences orbital station above Draco III that is said to revolutionize interstellar travel.
  • 2546: the Triumvirate intercepts the Waverider and interrogates Verda and Oliver for over twelve hours. Without her medication, Gonzalez finds it difficult to control herself and lunges at the guard, bashing him with inhuman strength. Verda and Oliver capture the Triumvirate vessel, retrieve the antimatter drive, and leave for Warner & Ivs HQ on Mars.