Walking Fatality Wiki
  • March 25, 2542: Eric Staffer fights through a legion of Sharktooth gang members after one of them shoots him in the shoulder, and he murders their leader in the process. The justice system pardons him on claims that it was self defense, and Staffer is offered to become the Special Investigator for the Ministry of Defense on Carthage.
  • 2542: the UNSC Erudite discovers a Covenant ORS-class heavy cruiser above Gamma Pavonis III during a reconnaissance mission to the planet. The Erudite is destroyed, but not before relaying information back to the UNSC.
  • 2542: Operation: SHINOBI is a torch and burn operation. Covenant forces are searching for something valuable in Testing Facility T32D, and a S-III headhunter squad are tasked with asset denial.
  • 2542: Anthony-A151 sacrifices himself to destroy Testing Facility T32D and the Covenant within, meanwhile Rosenda-A344 escapes aboard the Perseus. The Covenant abandon the Gamma Pavonis System.
  • 2542: The Hierarchs punish Pran 'Mozamee for his failure at Gamma Pavonis III. He will become the Arbiter and serve as subordinate to now-Shipmaster Vracanus.
  • 2542: the Type-55 Cherub Deployment Vessel is commissioned into the Covenant military.
  • 2542: the UNSC abandon Emerald Cove fearing an impending Covenant attack. The attack never comes, and Emerald Cove is forced to survive on its own.