Walking Fatality Wiki
  • February 2537: the Covenant invade Aragon in what begins the five month Aragon Campaign. Initially, Covenant forces aren't able to break through the blockade of warships and Orbital Defense Platforms.
  • February 24, 2537: UNSC forces secure a victory over the Covenant at New Constantinople. Alpha Company distinguishes themselves in this engagement.
  • July 2537: after five months of holding the blockade, the United Nations Space Command is able to establish an effective strike against the oncoming enemy cruisers in Operation: BLACK DAGGER. Covenant forces retreat and discontinue their waves of attacks on Aragon for a while.
  • August 2537: Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose and Chief Franklin Mendez select specific members from Alpha Company to be reassigned for more significant operations, of which includes Rosenda-A344, Anthony-A151, and the members of NOBLE Team.
  • August 2537: Operation: PROMETHEUS sees the destruction of a Covenant shipyard on asteroid K7-49, though this victory comes at the cost of the 300 participating Spartans of Alpha Company.
  • August 2537: Rear Admiral Djimon Roque cancels his funding for the Spartan-III Program after learning the fate of Alpha Company. Furthermore, Roque has threatened to leak secrets about the program to ensure its permanent disbandment.
  • September 2537: Ivan Markov assassinates Djimon Roque per the wishes of the Office of Naval Intelligence.
  • September 2537: Ivan Markov refuses to continue murdering for ONI; however, Margaret Parangosky persuades him to rethink his decision when she threatens his daughter's life.
  • 2537: Spartan-III Beta Company is authorized.
  • 2537: the Covenant glass the moon colony Axial. The concentration of UNSC resources during the Aragon Campaign has left this world with poor defenses. TRI International headquarters is destroyed and rebuilt on Triton where the organization can conduct their research without much outside distraction.
  • 2537: Thunderbird Mining Corporation begins construction of an asteroid colony in the Zeta Reticuli System that will designated as the Vaults.