Walking Fatality Wiki
  • October 5, 2536: the Covenant lays siege to Memoria and erect a blockade around the Verdun Metropolitan Area. Verdun is used as hunting grounds for the Jiralhanae.
  • October 11, 2536: Talon Squad of Alpha Company, consisting of fourteen Spartan-IIIs, are hastily deployed to Verdun to evacuate the surviving colonists taking shelter in the local high school and wherever else. The Spartans contact the civilians and use Olifants, civilian waste management vehicles, as makeshift tanks to transport the civilians from the school to the rendezvous point into a stealth prowler. The mission is a success; however, twelve of the Spartans have given their lives in the process leaving Rosenda and Anthony as the sole survivors of Talon Squad.
  • October 12, 2536: the Covenant glass the remainder of Memoria.
  • November 2536: SPARTAN-III Alpha Company graduates and is deployed into combat.
  • November 2536: General Herbert Mathis leads a coup d'etat against the local government on Mamore. Spartan-IIIs are sent to quell the rebellion. Although Mathis is assassinated, elements of the rebellion remain in the shadows.
  • 2536: Ivan Markov and his daughter are rescued from Endymion. Elizabeth Markov requires a machine to help her breathe after being forced to walk the glasslands. To afford treatment for his daughter, Ivan reluctantly offers his services to the Office of Naval Intelligence as a gunslinger.
  • 2536: the Covenant glass the settlements on Acheron-VII but because of the low population, the planet suffers minor damage and can easily be recolonized as it was in 2554.