Walking Fatality Wiki
  • February 9, 2535: Jericho VII is invaded and Spartan-II soldiers work to prevent Covenant ground forces from advancing.
  • February 12, 2535: the Covenant glass Jericho VII and the United Nations Space Command is forced to retreat.
  • April 2535: Eric-026 is released from the rehabilitation center on Scylla. He violates protocol and contacts the Covenant fleet over Jericho VII in an attempt to lure them to the planet and use the coming invasion to fake his death.
  • April 23, 2535: the Covenant invades Scylla after tracing a mysterious transmission to this planet. Eric-026 is tasked with evacuation orders, and the Spartan fakes his death during the battle and escapes unseen aboard a civilian freighter. Scylla is glassed.
  • September 2535: the Covenant glass Charybdis IX and leaves Aurora-B258 orphaned.
  • October 2535: the UNSC Midsummer Night learns of a human population still active in the 23 Librae System. The Prophet of Regret learns the location of the same population after his discovery of modified plasma weapons, and sends an elite team of soldiers to "silence" those who would tamper with the weapons.
  • October 2535: the Rubble Security Council tasks Ignatio Delgado with the protection of the navigation data, and the Kig-Yar allied with the citizens of the Rubble assault Ignatio and his freighter Distancia. Spartan Gray Team rescues Ignatio and brings him back to the Rubble, an asteroid settlement in the 23 Librae System.
  • October 2535: the Midsummer Night arrives in the 23 Librae System and is captured by the Rubble Defense Force. With the threat of Covenant attack increasing, the artificial intelligence Juliana recruited the assistance of the Midsummer Night crew and Gray Team to defend the Rubble and in return, the UNSC would have it's navigation data.
  • October 2535: the UNSC forces board a Kig-Yar vessel and learn of an incoming assault on the Rubble from Metisette. The UNSC assists the Rubble with evacuation to the 18 Scorpii System, and Juliana launches a counterattack against the Jackals by piloting the asteroids into the surface of Metisette and decimating the Unggoy army stationed there.
  • October 2535: the Rubble citizens are brought to Falaknuma, and Ignatio Delgado enlists in the Navy.
  • 2535: Admiral Preston Cole releases the Cole Protocol early this year.