Walking Fatality Wiki
  • June 2522: Lucius Thornhill graduates from the prestigious University of Axial on the inner colony Axial. He gathered dozens of his fellow graduating classmates and rented a suite where they could conduct research and development on new technologies.
  • June 2522: Thornhill Research Institute International is established on Axial.
  • 2522: education facilities on Kholo have established a new social network where students can immerse themselves in current events and discuss their opinions in forums, chat rooms, and debate corners. With the Insurrection worsening, the network becomes an unforeseen outlet for the teenager's distaste towards the government. The website, dubbed the Friction, is shutdown.
  • 2522: despite efforts to shutdown the Friction in the schools, outside sources have donated funds to keep the website up and running.
  • 2522: the Office of Naval Intelligence creates several facilities on Kholo to strike fear into the people and ensure that the Friction remains shutdown.